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The ICATS team have successfully run workshops in the UK, North America, China and India. ICATS has also collaborated with the BSP (British Society of Perfumers) in delivering their biennial ‘Perfumery Workshop Weekend’.


Aromachology and Fragrance Evaluation

Ashish Jhunjhunwalla

Fragrance Evaluation/Business Development Manager

AFF Aromatics Pvt. Ltd. – Kolkata, NOIDA

Over the years, fragrance users have moved from being a simple consumer of Perfume to become a demanding individual with a global perspective and a unique identification. Consumers of today are more aware of themselves and their environment and the changing social scenario has led the modern day consumer to understand their own selves and people have started to spend money to create their own identity and to please themselves, rather than others. This phenomenal change in the global consumer attitude has opened up various opportunities for product manufacturers and the fragrance industry has been blessed with new concepts to satisfy the ever increasing needs and demands of the global consumer. The fragrance industry has transformed from being Perfume suppliers to become concept marketers and one of the key concept that works well with the consumer groups today, is ‘Aromachology’.

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Read the article in Chemistry World about Studying Fragrances and Flavours

“Fragrances and flavours pervade our lives. There’s so much more to perfume than those expensive, heavily marketed bottles of scent – fragrances are added to all manner of products, from cosmetics and toiletries to household products such as laundry detergents and cleaners. And one aroma chemical definitely doesn’t fit all – what works perfectly in an alcohol-based fragrance might be rapidly destroyed in the harsh environment of, say, toilet bleach.

This may be a specialist and niche part of the chemical industry, but it offers a wide range of potential careers for people with a chemistry background, says Tony  Curtis, who runs the International Centre for Aroma Trades Studies distance learning diploma course. Designed to give a broad overview of the fragrance industry, from science to business, a new version for people working in flavourings is being launched later on this year.

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World-class “noses”

World-class “noses” in the perfume and wine business are not born with an outsized sense of smell but acquire it through years of professional sniffing, according to new research.

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So you think you want my job?

Cosmopolitan’s interview with Kate Williams from Seven.

I’m a perfumer at a fragrance house called Seven. I create the fragrances that go into perfumes, beauty products and candles for brands such as Sanctunary Spa. There are just 500 perfumers in the world, so it’s a bit of a secret career, but when you explain what you do people often think it’s amazing.

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Paper presented at the IFEAT International Conference in Singapore, 4 – 8 November 2012 ‘Essential Asia’

The main development in the ICATS / IFEAT Diploma programme this year was the introduction of the new Flavour pathway. Two completely new modules have been written by John Wright (author of ‘Flavor Creation’ – the course textbook). These are:

  • Flavour Creation
  • Application of Flavours to Flavoured Products

All other modules have been revised to incorporate new flavour relevant material. In addition Dr. Brian Lawrence has specially written four new essential oil profiles for the programme. These are:

  • Rose
  • Basil
  • Lime
  • Pepper

Another major development is the growth of links with other organisations such as IFRA UK. ICATS was supported with a stand and promotion of the IFEAT / ICATS Diploma Programme at the second IFRA UK Fragrance Forum ‘From Flower to Shower’ October 2012 at the Royal Society, London.

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