Newsletter – Spring 2016

Editor’s Notes

Ali Green

Welcome to the latest edition of ICATS News – the first of 2016. The last six months have been busy, with a good deal of travel for the ICATS team within the UK and beyond. The majority of this publication features the wonderful IFEAT Conference in Sri Lanka, which this year focused on Asian ingredients and medicinal plants and their sustainable production. This was a fabulous event and inside the newsletter you will find reviews of the conference, selected lecture papers and an account of a brilliant field trip to a cinnamon plantation.

Joanna Norman, our new ICATS Field Tutor, was also in Sri Lanka to lead a one-day perfumery workshop, ably assisted by Sharon Heard. She has kindly written a full account for ICATS News about the workshop. You can also find out more about Jo’s career in our Introducing section along with a feature on one of our students from India.

There is, as usual, a fine selection of review articles of the latest publications in the aroma trades by Tony Curtis as well as a focus on the latest hot topics in the news. You can also read Tony’s great report on the recent IFRA Fragrance Forum in London, where the focus was ‘Our Fragrant World’. I’m sure you will all agree when you read his report, that it sounded a fascinating series of lectures on a wealth of aromatic subjects!

As you may have seen in the last edition of ICATS News, our friend and colleague John Ayres has decided to retire. Before leaving, however, he very bravely led a perfumery workshop at a local high school with a group of sixteen-year-old chemists and their teachers; you can read all about this in our illustrated feature. John has also written a comprehensive account of the BSP New Ingredients Symposium from 2015 that I am sure you will enjoy.

There should be something for everyone in this edition, but as Editor, I am always on the look-out for material for the next ICATS News. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to cover in our newsletter or if you would like to contribute to future editions as a guest feature author. I really want our newsletter to reflect the industry today and would really welcome any feedback from any of our readers.

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Newsletter – Autumn 2015

Editor’s Notes

Ali Green

This has been not only another busy few months but also highly enjoyable. I hope that I have captured an essence of this in what I have selected for you in this new edition of ICATS News, for release to coincide with the 2015 IFEAT Conference.

Well in this issue it’s time to get to know some our current students, past students and two new ICATS staff members. It’s great to know how ICATS has helped professionals develop in their careers and also to hear where their life in perfumery has led. Our new examiner Dave Harwood and tutor Peter Whipps introduce themselves, while it is time to say goodbye to our treasured colleague John Ayres, who is taking retirement at the end of the year. There is nothing more valuable than experience and looking at the lives of all those featured will give you great insight into the vibrant and multi-faceted nature of our amazing business.

There is a large feature on the BSP Perfumery Weekend attended by the entire ICATS team and supported by IFEAT. This was great fun and a wonderful learning experience for the delegates. As you will see all the BSP team, guest lecturers and ICATS got fully involved with all aspects of activities and had an exhausting but fabulous time ourselves. You will also find details of our initiative with local school Plymouth College to run a simplified perfumery brief designed to get young people interested in the aroma trades. Two key events the BSP and BSF Symposia are also covered, both offering industry-led innovation presented in an inventive and interesting way.

As ever, Tony Curtis has found some fascinating books and news articles to bring to your attention, while I have taken you back in time to the burgeoning perfumery trade of the Mediterranean Bronze Age, 3000 years ago.

There should be something for everyone in this packed edition of ICATS News so I hope you enjoy reading. Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to feature in the next edition!

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Read about ICATS in Chemistry World

Read the article in Chemistry World about Studying Fragrances and Flavours

Below is an extract but click on the link below that to see the full article (PDF format).

“Fragrances and flavours pervade our lives. There’s so much more to perfume than those expensive, heavily marketed bottles of scent – fragrances are added to all manner of products, from cosmetics and toiletries to household products such as laundry detergents and cleaners. And one aroma chemical definitely doesn’t fit all – what works perfectly in an alcohol-based fragrance might be rapidly destroyed in the harsh environment of, say, toilet bleach.

This may be a specialist and niche part of the chemical industry, but it offers a wide range of potential careers for people with a chemistry background, says Tony  Curtis, who runs the International Centre for Aroma Trades Studies distance learning diploma course. Designed to give a broad overview of the fragrance industry, from science to business, a new version for people working in flavourings is being launched later on this year.

Click below to read the full article.


Interesting Perfumery Article about Smelling

World-class “noses” in the perfume and wine business are not born with an outsized sense of smell but acquire it through years of professional sniffing, according to new research. Click here to read more of this fascinating article.

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