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Alin Bosilcov

QA Manager Brüder Unterweger Company in Austria

Alin Bosilcov studied Chemical Engineering at the ‘Politehnica’ University Timisoara (Romania) focusing on Organic Chemistry. After graduating with a thesis on terpene chemistry, he joined the Brüder Unterweger Company in Austria, where he is still working today. His professional experience encompasses Quality Assurance for essential oils for both flavour and fragrance use. Since 2004, he has been in charge of the company’s Quality Management System ISO 9001. His main interests are the study of aroma materials of natural origin and the relationship between chemical composition and odour. When asked about his experience of the IFEAT Diploma programme he commented:

“The ICATS IFEAT Diploma Distance Learning Programme has given me comprehensive knowledge and profound insight into the complex world of the Aroma Trades. I experienced the programme as authoritative, highly informative and at the same time straightforward. The many years of industry experience of the authors is reflected in every single unit.

“In addition to the essentials of perfumery, I’ve learnt how important it is for an Aroma Trades QA manager to be educated in marketing, project management and financial issues as well.

“Furthermore, I highly appreciate the flexible working hours that made it possible to complete the programme on schedule while carrying out a full-time job.”

Gaelle Jacobsen

IFEAT Best Student Award Winner 2010

“…a very challenging experience to manage at the same time as my professional career but absolutely worth the sweat! I would warmly recommend it to anybody wishing to further develop their understanding of the fragrance industry…”

Robert Sherry

“My current role at Fragrance Oils (International) Ltd covers various aspects of their fragrance, flavour and botanical extract creation, application and manufacturing whilst my previous employment as a flavourist entailed a wide range of formulation development and end use targeting.  I found the ICATS Perfumery Diploma to be very enlightening since it covered all angles of the Aroma Trades Industry from creation and evaluation to financial management thus making it a truly valuable learning tool for anyone working within or looking for a career change into the industry.  The modules are neatly presented, structured and packed with information as are the hard back books provided.  I would recommend anyone to do this course as it brings with it a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience of raw materials through the smelling kit.  It is a big commitment and can take up large chunks of time to complete but the flexibility to work at your own pace with no exams to worry over makes this course truly unique and thoroughly enjoyable.”


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