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Given that ICATS students are dispersed around the globe, a fixed timetable of annual exams is not practical. Formative assessments are a variety of written assignments. These assignments are marked by the field tutor.

Unit 12 is assessed by the submission of a special study proposal. The special study is student selected with field tutor support. Some illustrative topic areas are shown in the table below with some examples.

Subject area Example title
Management A critical appraisal of the management of creative briefs
Sector review A review of the airfreshner market in Germany: present situation and future trends
Marketing Can odours brand: can consumers recognise major fragrances by odour alone?
Technical Sources and detection of adulteration in bergamot oil
Historical The impact of novel synthetic aroma chemicals on the development of classic fine fragrances in the early 20th century

The award of the IFEAT Diploma is based on the satisfactory completion of all taught modules and the 50 credit dissertation. The final mark awarded to the dissertation will be given by the IFEAT appointed examiner.

The IFEAT Diploma is awarded directly by IFEAT.

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