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Aroma, Perfume & Flavour Industry

The Aroma Trades consists of the aroma material producers, the aroma material distributors, the flavour / fragrance creative houses, the product manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

The Aroma Trades Industry

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The Aroma Trades Supply Chain

Aroma producers
These companies produce the essential oils, natural extracts and aroma chemicals which are used in flavours and fragrances.

Aroma distributors
These companies buy aroma materials from many sources and supply them to the creative flavour and fragrance houses. They may further process aroma materials to better satisfy special industry requirements.

Creative houses
The creative houses develop and manufacture the flavours and fragrances.

These are the companies that manufacture the flavour and fragranced products (e.g. P&G, Unilever etc). The contract manufacturers (McBride, Swallowfield) supply the own label market for in house supermarket brands.

Perfumed products include: fine perfumes, personal care, cosmetics, laundry, household, air fresheners etc.

Flavoured products include: beverages, sugar confectionery, chewing gums, bakery, dairy, ice cream and frozen desserts, soups, snacks, condiments, dressings, convenience foods.

B2B market
The B2B (business to business) market is where the flavoured or fragranced products are not sold to individual customers directly but are part of another offering (often a service such as restaurant or hair salon). Some companies (e.g. hotel chains, airlines) buy both flavoured and fragranced products.

Retail outlets
The supermarkets, department stores and other outlets that sell flavoured and fragranced products to consumers. Major retailers (e.g. Wal-Mart, Tesco) have their own technical teams who collaborate with their suppliers to develop original products.

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